Welcome to Tintown Shibas

Tintown Shibas

A small hobby kennel located in Dover, Ohio, we are proud to call our Shiba Inus family and show dogs. Tintown Shibas are recognized by AKC as a Breeder Of Merit. Breeding for health, temperament and correct type, I breed only from the finest pedigrees with only 1-2 Shiba Inu litters a year. 

    Proud members of the following clubs:

*National Shiba Inu Club Of America

 *McKinley Kennel Club, Stephanie Abel-Secretary, Summer Abel-Junior Member

     *National Shiba Club of America, Summer Abel-Junior Member



                                         Stephanie & Summer Abel
                                                   Dover, Ohio
We abide by the standards of AKC and the National Shiba Club of America. All of our breeding dogs are health tested for required checks.(Eye Cerf, OFA Hips and Patellas).